PAWSitive Thursdays

This semester, we are going to be teaming up with Anna-Belle from Anna-Belle and Subie’s Adventures (follow them on Facebook for the cutest/most hilarious posts!). Anna-Belle is a certified pet therapy dog and she visits campus every Thursday to help students relieve stress. We found that many students use drinking to relax or relieve stress, so this partnership was natural. And really, who could resist this face?


Healthy ’14 – Walk the Loop!

Healthy ’14 – Walk the Loop! happened once again. Our passive displays were set up in Lower Sask Hall and the Thorvaldson Building. Many pamphlets were taken and many students chose to walk the 1K Loop! Congrats to the winner of the passport draw 🙂

Mental Health Week Passive Displays

Our displays were set up in the Health Science building and the PAC. Did you see us?

Halloween 2013

We set up in the Arts Tunnel for a day full of swag, mocktails, candy, information, and games! We introduced our “red solo cup toss” game where students wore beer googles and attempted to toss a ball into our big “red solo cup.” Almost all of the students were not able to! This demonstrated just how impaired your actions become while under the influence. It was a lot of fun! We also shared with students how the red solo cups actually have standard drink measurements on them to help them measure and count their drinks.


Toilet Campaign

This Fall we released our brand new Toilet Campaign. This was a HUGE success and an insane amount of fun. Click HERE! to learn more about it and see photos!

Welcome Week in the Bowl

As a part of the yearly kick off, we always go out into the Bowl to distribute pre-surveys and swag. The weather was HOT but we had so much fun. A big thank you to Culligan Saskatoon for donating some water coolers for us to have at our booth and offer to the students.

Our booth in the Bowl! (Notice the toilet??)

Orientation 2013

Once again, we kicked off the 2013-2014 school year at Orientation. We had our swag, a photobooth, mocktails, pre-surveys, and had a lot of fun meeting new faces. Such a great way to start the year!

Orientation 2013 ft. Photobooth, Mocktails, Swag, and Surveys.

Orientation 2013 ft. Photobooth, Mocktails, Swag, and Surveys.