Orientation 2014 and the Party Smart Campaign

KT DRB AH Orientation 2014

Orientation Week 2015!

WYC had a blast getting ready to welcome to and returning students to campus. For a second year in a row, WYC launched the #itspottytime Campaign and participated in the USSU’s orientation. September 4 -6, WYC employees hung out in a booth in the Bowl, distributing swag, cool prizes, and showing off our new Infographic. Additionally, WYC showed Huskie Pride by partnership up with College Quarter residence to kick off the first football game of the year. Here, WYC launched the Party Pledge, asking students to sign one of four pledges, in order to receive a wristband, as well as tasty snacks and mocktails. The pledges were:

  1. To always use a designated driver
  2. To put studying before drinking
  3. To watch out for friends
  4. To drink within Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines.

Many students signed one or more pledges!

PP 2015

WYC and PHM also had their volunteer orientation. Two days full of passionate students who are excited about encouraging health on campus for the school year!


Party Smart Month!

October kicked off one of the busiest months ever for the WYC campaign. Each week was set with a different activity to encourage alcohol moderation on campus. Dedicated volunteers worked over the month to release posters pertaining to WYC’s four pillars : my body, my money, my social life, and my academics. These were seen on screens and on walls all over the school! WYC was also able to provide the Louis’ loop with a crashed car display to remind students of the dangers of drinking and driving.


Additionally, WYC was busy in the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog sessions, in the tunnel, and in different colleges promoting the Party Pledge. Here’s a photo of us on Halloween in Agriculture!


You know that we partner with the Therapy Dogs every week , but our favourite part of the year is STRESS LESS put on by Student Health Services, Peer Health Mentors, and US at the end of the term! Staying de-stressed during finals is something that we take pride in helping out with!

pic 2

To see more about our first Thinking About My Drinking, click HERE!


WYC celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by bringing out the green! Green slush, green kale chips, and green swag were all shared in the tunnel with the rest of the Peer Health Mentor team !


April brought the second round of Stress Less for the year. WYC decided to take a different turn on things, and adopted a “What Do You Do For Your Stress?” white board campaign! Alternatives for the win!

pic 4

To end the school year, WYC was invited to Residence twice over the month of April. Voyageur Place allowed us to be classy- non-alcoholic beverage making bartenders for their Oscar themed dance night. Additionally, we prepared mocktails for McEown Park residence, in which we were thanked for all the presidents and outreach we did in Residence that year! We are just as thankful to be invited!

pic 5


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