2015 – 2016

What a Great Year!!!


TAMD 2016 tunnel

Throughout the year you can always catch us in the tunnel handing out information about drinking in moderation, standard drink sizes, low risk drinking guidelines and of course our swag and mocktails! Here are some of our great volunteers, Ariel, Marlize, Yifan and Sabrina reeling in the students walking through the tunnel with the smell of popcorn. We are always happy to talk and give away free things!


This year we attended several res events in many of the res buildings throughout campus! Here are three of our volunteers, Anson, Yifan and Jerika making mocktails for people coming home after a long and snowy day at school. We also had display boards about low risk drinking guidelines, standard drink sizes, and a board display quiz to win a prize!


Marlize and Sabrina taking care of the tunnel treatsĀ atĀ one of our many tunnel events.

10154457_765441253588684_5307550134179144550_n 10155797_765441283588681_3507370457151326339_nAnother Residence event! Here is Yifan, one of our volunteers, being a great mocktail bartender for a games night and dance in the STM cafeteria for residence! We are always happy to be included in their events throughout the year.

On St.Patrick’s Day we were in the tunnel handing out tons of treats in return for answering a trivia question about alcohol! We had the low risk drinking guidelines written on each treat to make sure students had some tips on drinking in moderation around a time of year where lots of students party!


STM BBQ and Dance! We are always happy to attend STM events. Here is Dania the Market Research Coordinator attending a fundraiser STM BBQ in September! Later that week WYC attended a dance with mocktails and swag for new STM students.


Orientation and Welcome Week! We were set up all orientation and welcoming week handing out swag and mocktails as well as playing lots of fun games with beer goggles! We participated in a campus wide scavenger hunt where students were on the hunt for us and our toilet campaign! This was a really fun week getting to talk to so many students who were new to the U of S campus.