Our Research

To develop the What’s Your Cap? campaign, our team undertook several community-based research projects to determine first, whether a binge drinking prevention campaign was needed on the University of Saskatchewan campus, and second, if it was, what it should look like. We were interested in documenting U of S student drinking behaviours, any associated problems, and possible solutions.

From the get go, our initiative has been founded in research evidence, including the initial work coming out of Dr. Dell’s 2011 Sociology 398/Public Health 847 Studies in Addiction class and the 2012 class that designed empirically-based binge drinking prevention campaigns for their assignments.

A contract with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health focused on gathering the student voice about what an effective campaign would look like and how it would best rollout. A key element in any campaign is advertising. With this in mind, we put together a few ads, poster messages and ideas from other campaigns and presented them to numerous classrooms and groups of students in hopes of gaining insight into what they identify as clear, effective and memorable campaign messaging. The need to focus on individual choice was a primary finding, and informed our campaign’s slogan – What’s Your Cap?. With this information, we hope to bring an effective campaign that is student approved this Fall to the U of S campus!

The Environmental Scan

The Rapid Assessment

The Evaluation Plan