Rapid Assessment

Our Rapid Assessment included Street Interceptions and Key Informant Interviews and documented the campus community’s perceptions of and experiences with binge drinking. A variety of community members including College Deans, administrative staff, USSU representatives, Resident employees, and University of Saskatchewan students participated in the rapid assessment.

A total of 889 random U of S students completed the 5 question street interception survey that captured their demographic information and personal experiences with alcohol. Reasons given for drinking focused on because it is fun, to socialize and to relax. Reasons for not drinking included health, religion, the hangover and being the designated driver. A total of 34 key informant interviews were completed and commonalities were shared about when, where and which students are binge drinking. This information can be used in many ways, such as to assist students with event planning so that they can be aware of situations where high rates of alcohol intake happen (e.g., Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, around exams).   

Commonalities found in Key Informant Interviews.