What’s Your Cap? loves to reach out to students using fun swag to start a conversation and get everyone thinking about their drinking. Please feel free to contact us or come out to our next event to get your hands on all of our swag!

Stress Beer/Bottles
1 Beer 2 White Wine 3 Red Wine

Bottle Cap Opener

(with twist off and pop off capabilities)

4 Bottle Cap Opener

Party Smart Bracelets

Gain a party smart bracelets by making a pledge to one or all of the following:

1. I pledge not to drink and drive and always have a designated driver

2. I pledge to watch out for my friends while drinking alcohol

3. I pledge to put studying before drinking alcohol

4. I pledge to always drink with in the low risk drinking guidelines

5 Party Pledge

Sticky Notes

6 Sticky Notes


(We like to use them to personalize all sorts of items!)

7 Stickers

Personalized Solo Cups

(Get to know your cap by knowing how many ounces you are actually consuming!)

8 Solo Cups

Lens and Screen Cleaning Cloths

9 Lens Cloths


10 Pins

Canada’s LRGD’s

11 Canada's LRDG's

WYC Education Brochure

12 WYC Education

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